Well Log & Mapping Services
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Well log evaluation has been achieved by using Interactive PetrophisecisTM Program (IP). Interactive Petrophysics is a PC-based software application for reservoir property analysis and summation.
Interactive PetrophysicsTM (IP) is developed by the Production Geosciences Ltd (PGL) (2004). IP's technical support is provided by the Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS).
Uses such program will be very easily to determine and calculate the deterministic & probabilistic models including porosity, water saturation, shale volumes and other properties within user-defined zones. Also, crossplot endpoints of Petrophisecis can be determined directly from the plots, which are significantly minimizing the keyboard entry.

As parameters are selected from the log plots and interactive crossplots, the analysis results will be update instantly. Ip Can do several extra functions:

    • Statistical prediction
    • Monte Carlo analysis   
    • Rock physics   
    • Saturation height modelling   
    • Pore pressure prediction   
    • Eastern European resistivity modelling  
    • 3D Parameter mapping


  • Multiple log presentation capability
  • Lithology pattern customization
  • Core and casing  results
  • Rock and accessory symbols
  • Import and export to Las and ASCII data
  • Import and export to Tiff, Jpeg, WMF, CGM, PPT, PDF

Digitizing of well logs is an operation prepared by the NeuraLog software. The Neuralog software, which is the most widely-used by large oil companies, is used to change the well log from dialog data to digital data. The ASCII &LAS formats are used.






    • Convert hard copy logs to digital vector data
    • Las and ASCII Format output
    • LIS and DLIS output
    • Convert hard copy maps to digital vector data
    • Digitize contours, Shot-point base maps




Scanning of well logs of the study area is prepared by Neurascanner equipment. Neurascanner is a scanner designed specifically to accommodate well logs, and it has been built to meet the specific demands of scanning logs.
Neurascanner is designed with dual built in processors and on-board image processing, Neuralog's NeuraScanner is 20 times faster than any ordinary Fax Scanners and produces smaller, cleaner images than any other larger and more expensive scanners.




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