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The most widespread source for subsurface data is 2-D and, increasingly, 3-D seismic. Data related to boreholes - such as well logs and rock samples - provide crucial complementary and calibration parameters.

In the past, and even today, the prevailing approach in the interpretation of these subsurface data is static. This means that great efforts are made to describe subsurface structures and property distributions in their present state.

However, understanding and modeling past geological processes that were responsible for the present status of the subsurface has so far not been sufficiently emphasized.
In petroleum exploration and production it is an essential requirement to understand these past geological processes - especially petroleum generation and migration - which determine whether or not a trap contains hydrocarbons. Hence, it is crucial to understand the dynamics of relevant processes responsible for the present day geological conditions.

As modeling of geological processes relies entirely on a subsurface database and related, intelligently structured data archives (often called data models), it is essential that the numerical simulation is linked as closely as possible to these data sources.
This is easily achieved by direct binary access to seismic data and interpretation tools like OpenWorks, GeoFrame, SeisWorks, IESX, etc. It is common practice to organize and store subsurface data in more or less sophisticated data archives that can be screened and manipulated electronically.

An electronic data archive enables information to be exchanged, reviewed, and thereby enriched and updated. Even the most refined interpretation utilizing advanced interpretation software and databases, however, produces static information for stratal terminations, seismic facies, lithofacies and property distributions, etc.
Such static data archives can be brought to life - and at the same time generate a great deal of added value - by dynamically modeling the geological processes behind it.



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