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At PetroSharp, we combine multidisciplinary approaches. Geology is used as a basic tool for carrying field studies utilizing remote sensing techniques for surface exposures and geophysical techniques for subsurface successions

Petroleum geology and engineering combined with reservoir and chemical engineering techniques are used for field development. All branches are backed by the physical and mathematical laws. We accomplish our goals efficiently to discover, recover and develop oil targets. We use commercial state-of-the-art packages along with our in-house packages to accomplish our goals.

We prepare high-quality static models of petroleum reservoirs that include highly-complicated fault & fracture systems. Evaluate the model and run dynamic modeling of both conventional & naturally-fractured petroleum reservoirs.

We make full use of computer programming using leading programming software. UI programming is done using MS Expression Blend & Design. Engine programming is done using C, C++, & C# as implemented in the MS Visual Studio. We devote great attention to full integration amongst packages to produce the best available software in the market.

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